Like most households with teenagers I seem to spend half my life going round the house turning off lights and various consumer devices when my kids have abandoned a room... So I decided to get an electricity monitor so that at any moment in time I can see the stress on our electricity monitor without the bother of actually watching the meter dial spin it's way of it's axis!

I decided to get the OWL Intuition-E monitor as you could see the current electricity usage on an iPhone & Android app, on the web and if you were so inclined they have an API available. On the web site you can get an overview of your daily electricity usage with a report that looks like this sample. Also from the website you can download historical usage date in CSV format so you can analyse it in your preferred spreadsheet software.

Microsoft have released Hyperlapse for Windows, Windows Phone and Android, which is a really cool way to make smooth time lapse videos from original videos you shoot on your mobile phone and cameras like GoPros and your drones!

A hyperlapse is to all intents and purposes a video that has been sped up and smoothed out. So if you record a video whilst cycling, skating, sking, driving a car, or pretty much during any other activity and then use software to speed it up, you will get a bumpy difficult to watch video. Hyperlapse smooths out the bumps using software-based video stabilization technology from Microsoft Research.

As we all know Windows 10 is mooted for release later in 2015, probably with the initial desktop releases in about July, and other variants following later in the year.

One version of Windows 10 that is causing a degree of excitement is the Raspberry Pi variant. This will be a very much cut down version of the OS and is not intended to be a desktop alternative, rather more a cut down version to power IoT* type solutions.

Recently I took delivery of a Microsoft Band in order to improve my fitness and lose weight and so far so good! I'll probably do a more in depth write up when I have had a chance to really get to know the device.

You can alter the devices settings through the associated app on your phone, but they don't seem to have publicised the Windows app. Interestingly this is a desktop download rather than a "modern" app, but I think is a pre-cursor to Windows 10 apps being universal.

You can download the app at

Just a quick post after my visit to the gadget show yesterday. I thought I would just show a couple of pics of the devices to my fellow backers on the Indigogo campaign.

I spent about an hour talking to Edd and Robert and briefly with Ronnie. The enthusiasm of these guys for this project really shines through, it's actually incredible that they have got the product this far.

Version 3.4 of the ever popular Joomla CMS has been released today.

More details are available directly from the Joomla website - Joomla! 3.4 is here!

The main features of this release are:-

  • Improved front end module editing
  • Decoupling of weblinks
  • Composer integration
  • Google new reCaptcha

As we approach the UK General Election in May, there seems to be a growing feeling of “why should I bother to vote, as they are all the same”. So it occurs to me that a lot of our decision making is based on a number of headline facts, rather than a detailed analysis of the parties’ manifestos.

But frankly who wants to trawl through the pages of all these manifestos to find out whether a party really stands up for the things you find important in life? Currently there are 12 parties with representation in the house of common, and many more that would like seats -

Well it seems to have been a rather long formula 1 season with lots of ups and downs, but the real story of the year was the fight between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. I think that there were moments in time where both of them behave like spoilt children, but at the end of the season it would appear that, (well in my opinion anyway!), the right man won the championship.

It looks like Microsoft have just set the cloud storage market on fire by giving completely unlimited storage on OneDrive, (neé SkyDrive), to it's Office 365 users. This is barely a month after they upped the storage level to a very healthy 1TB. This would generally prove to more than adequate storage for most users, but it would appear that adequate is not enough for Microsoft! The biggest problem that any user faces is the upload time it takes to get this amount of data uploaded!

More details on this at

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